SB Pro PE 2.552 Patch

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SB Pro PE 2.552 Patch

Post  Murkz on Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:16 pm

This patch corrects some AI sighting problems along with making some multiplayer improvements.

* Changed network messages to reduce packet loss due to network overload.
* Corrected a LOS issue that prevented the AI from seeing some targets that were in plain sight.
* Corrected some problems with TC HMG aiming.
* Fixed a bug where PC automated infantry mount/dismount behavior did not function in Network Sessions. PC units will now mount and dismount automatically as they used to, as long as the user is not physically present in the platoon and until the user manually mounts/dismounts troops from the PC (at which point the automatic link is intentionally broken).

Release Notes Here:

Original post here:

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