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T34 vs Tiger Beta patch Empty T34 vs Tiger Beta patch

Post  Murkz on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:23 pm

This was posted sometime ago by Tees in our panzersim forum.

Hi there I would like to show you the new beta patch that I got from one of the original programmers Ivan Spogreev.

- Dedicated server,exe
- "New mission button" in editor
- "New multiplayer mission" button in editor.
- Multiplayer custom skins.
- Bugs:

In "SETTINGS" , "CONTROL SETTINGS", when change key, after mouse click and show "???", any key press will be
failed ,can't "APPLY" and "BACK", only one we can do is press Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the TvsT.exe
After Multiplay, play single mission, tank in the sky..
When Play with Expert mode, disable F5 view, otherwise nobody use F3 view.
Same player's name join a server unallowable, IL2's resolvent is: add natural number like 0-9 after his name.
Hit backspace furiously about 20 times in Specify IP field.

Here is the link to the beta:


And here is some feedback.

Ghost, Vase and myself have managed to play test the beta and with good results. We all managed to join with ease, though we have yet to try the dedicated server properly, there was one oddity, though more testing will be needed.

The MP skins are an interesting prospect. The editor is now able to save mission and creating a blank mission is now very simple. I have yet to find how to start the mission in the game, though it does play through the editor.

Ivan has improved many things with this patch and i hope it is not to late for feedback for him.

I have been giving the Russian editor.doc a serious overhaul and have it somewhere near now.

I will keep you posted.


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