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PanzerUnity unfinished release Empty PanzerUnity unfinished release

Post  Murkz on Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:41 am

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Panzer Unity (PzU) was a project created out of the frustration of not having a realistic WW2 multiplayer tank simulation to play. We (mmp) had modded T34 vs Tiger and had seen first hand how this sim was released way too early and frustrated that we could not get any more from TvsT.

Monkwarror was our coder/leader and after a lot of research we decided to use the Unity engine as the basis for our own tank simulator.

Things went very well, NSU creating the beautiful map of Bir Hacheim and Blackwatch creating a lot of assets for the map, including it's focal point the fort.

We had a tank created by Vexman, tweaked by Blackwatch and skinned by Snorri and sounds supplied by SirDieaLot.

Things where going very well, then Monkwarrior became ill and passed away very suddenly. A great loss and a wonderful human being.

We had the assets, no coder and a loss of leadership, we decided to release a video of what we had accomplished as a memorial to Monkwarrior. We then got a reply from Twinfox another coder!

It seemed as if Monkwarrior had sent him to us. With Twinfox on board things picked up again and the guys continued to push their parts forward. PzU had progressed and now there was a playable Pzr II. At that point Twinfox got ill and we lost contact with him for 6 months.

We were some what lost, no coder and no joy in finding a replacement. I tried one more time to get in touch with Twinfox and was relieved to get a reply from him saying he was ok now and had been very ill. Things picked up again, though some of our guys had moved on to other projects.

We progressed at a good pace and an mp demo was made for Blackwatch to demonstrate at the Berlin games Festival. Things continued to move on and improvements were implemented on the feedback from our enthusiastic testing team.

Then Twinfox vanished, with no word from him in over a year. The team has since moved on and our demo is gathering dust. I messaged the whole team with a view to releasing the demo and everyone has said yes but there was no reply from Twinfox. Another email sent to all his known addresses but unfortunately no reply.

I tried one more time, this time explaining we all wanted PzU released as is and if we did not hear we assumed he had no objections. This was two months ago.

Time to release...

Monkwarrior, Twinfox, Nsu, VaseMkiii, Ghost635, Blackwatch, SirDieaLot, Vexman, Snorri, Grinchy, Ohec, Hodi and Murkz.

PDF Instructions. Please read

PzU multiplayer demo

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PanzerUnity unfinished release Empty Re: PanzerUnity unfinished release

Post  Numrollen on Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:43 pm

Uff, sad to hear the story of the team. I just look here only 1 time a month and even if there a years to goim still happy if it will be released some day. there is no realistic tank game out there and none is planned. I hope you find motivation again soon. Will try the demo with some friends and will report back in if this helps you and your team :-/


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