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Frinik's Steel Fury content list

Post  Murkz on Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:58 pm

Original Here, reply by frinik:

To give you a short answer, Steel Fury is currently the WWII Tank sim that offers the best variety of tanks and armour for single player missions either user-made or those part of the game ( campaigns and single missions).

Currently you can play:

-T34/76( models 1940-41)
- T34/85
- KV1/S/e(3 diff models)
- Mathilda land lease tank,
- Valentine landlease tank
- Sherman M4A3-76 ( both Sov and US crews)
- Panther ausf A Trophy
- Tiger I Trophy
- KV-85
- KV-2
- JS-2 both 1943 and 1944(late) models
- Panzer IV F2 Trophy
- Mark III Churchill
- Ba64
- BT5
- T-38
- T-26
- T-35
- T28e
- T-60
- T-70
- SU-76
- SU-85
Captured Jagdpanther, Stug III C/D and Panzerjaeger I on Soviet side as well...

On the German side:

Several SKfz(250/251/232) are playable.

Panzer II C
Panzer III J( short and long 50mm) & N
Panzer IVF1/F2/Ausf. H
Panther Ausf A/D/G and Ersatz M10
Tiger I both early and late models
Tiger II
T34/7 Beutepanzer
Panzer 38(t) Ausf C, D ,G
Panzerjaeger I
Jadgpanzer IV L70
Jadgpanther( early and late models)
Marder II ( 2 variants)
Marder III
Stug III C/D, F( early and late models), G( 3 models early, Saukopf and Zimmerit)
Panzer II Luchs( 2 variants)

Those are playable models with new ones being constantly added.
In addition in the Mission Editor you'll find lots of guns ( Zis2/3, 42mm,57mm, 76mm, 85 mm, 122mm mortars( 82/120 mm), Flak36, German 75mm, 105 mm, Pak 35/36/38/40, Flakpanzer and vehciles such as jeep Willys, Kubelwagen, BMW12, Opel and Zis trucks and many aircrafts Stuka, BF-109, FW-90, Il-2, Mosquito, He-111 and a couple more Soviet or British bombers( all non playable).

Currently the game is using mod Beta 1.5 combined with the Ultimate mod.There are easily 150 to 200 user-made missions. The Mission Editor is faily user friendly but you need to read .I advise you to read the stickies as much as possible.I know it's a pain but there's no substitute ofr learnign about the game, the mods and all the good stuff!

Thank you to frinik for this excellent list of playable tanks in SF.

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