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Camp Hornfelt (1) By Gary Owen

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Camp Hornfelt (1) By Gary Owen

Post  Murkz on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:05 am

5 of us were online to play our second mission, we chose the excellent Camp Hornfelt by Gary Owen...

We formed up and headed towards PL Ernie. As soon as we got to PL Ernie we came under fire.

We could see at least two bmp's

Ghost quickly dispatched one of the bmp's and we moved to get a better angle on the other.

Unknown to us, what we thought were two bmp's turned out to be six.

With Grichy, a first time player and the gunner of the multi crewed M1A1 making a very good account of himself by destroying two bmp's. We pushed up under Infantry fire from the right. As we pushed up we came under fire from the left from what was the remainder of the six bmp's, which had relocated to the small group of houses we were approaching.

To be continued...

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