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Chalk valley AAR

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Chalk valley AAR

Post  Murkz on Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:51 am

5 of PzU were available to play our first multi player Steel Beast Pro PE game.

Those in attendance were Balrog: 1 Actual
Ghost: M1A1
Ohec: M2A2 (first time player)
VasemkIII: M2A2
Murkz: M2A2

We all are very new to this and we have 2 more members of PzU waiting for their SB pro PE delivery...

Death at Chalk Valley

The forces we have at our disposal

Starting Positions

Our Mission Brief:

It was decided to split into to two and one group head to the East bridge while the other headed to the West bridge.

Safely crossing the East bridge and crossing line DeSoto

From here our two groups edged forwards, with the MBT of the East group moving slightly into the middle of the channel.

In hindsight this was a mistake. The M1A1 was hit by a tow that I saw sail past my Bradley at about 50 meters in front of me. It was an instant kill on the M1.

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Chalk valley AAR part II

Post  Murkz on Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:50 am

The two Bradley's of the East group immediately located and opened up on the now spotted enemy BMP

There were also dismounted infantry that we had failed to account for which Ghost was doing his best to suppress.

Ghost took out another dug in enemy, whilst the Bradley's killed all visible infantry.

Both Bradley's of the Eastern group then moved slowly forwards, only to be hit by RPG's of a yet unspotted infantry units.

Both Bradley's destroyed.

The aftermath

A tactical withdrawal was then done by our remaining forces.

In short we had our asses handed to us...

It was great fun and we will do it again.

Download to AAR

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Re: Chalk valley AAR

Post  BaLrOg on Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:58 am

Nice post more work is needed on using dismounts to act as scouts which in turn of course will mean a more drawn out mission procedure practice using troops in cv940 and Brads are a definate for the short list and of course the ROV Very Happy


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Re: Chalk valley AAR

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