Bugs? How do you play?

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Bugs? How do you play?

Post  Numrollen on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:15 am

Now we tested tonight TvT with beta patch and MMG5.0. Here are some heavy bugs that are the same we saw 2008 Sad My name is always ingame "Dav" and im driving a tiger most time. We use "tunngle" as gameservice, hamachi isnt that good. Every game we can play with tunngle.

1. Friend1 open a game with 4 "bots" (all t.34). We both had Tigers. i joint as "Herbert Jo**blah" (the Name of a AI Player WTF ) in red team and all tanks spawn on one place -> AI shooted instant on us. I was on team red with the t34 tanks ( confused ), so my friend in his tiger was alone. But the AI also shoot me. "Dav" was also on the players list, 2 times but it wasnt me Suspect
I tought the MMG Mod killed this problem that tiger AND t34 spawn on 1 place. Only on Teamplay maps?

2. Its still hell to join a server. On first try my friend could join within 3 seconds after he clicked "join". 2nd Game he couldnt join anymore. So he opened a game and i could join within 1 second. 3rd game no one could join on the others player, so we restartet the game. He opened a game, i clickt a few times "join", nothing happen. He quit and opended again a server and while i was playing in options and clicked singleplayer and so on --> suddenly loading screen apears and i was on his server Suspect pale scratch This is getting worse the more players want to play on 1 server. We didnt managed to get more than 3 players on 1 server (without bots!). sometimes hammering the IP-Adress help after 40-50sec and joining but our 4t player (the last one, everytime another player) cant get in.

3. I shoot a tiger direct on his front and damaged his turret but killed him with MG. I also killed 2 AI Tanks (t34) only with mg. This is a vanilla bug i think.

Is there a documentation about the dedicated server? Perhaps with this it will work better?
Also is there a wood patch out there? The trees far away looks really steppi Very Happy I cant aktivate AA, only have 320VRam Smile


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Re: Bugs? How do you play?

Post  hodi on Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:29 am

It's depressing - we have also made this bad experience

sometimes MP works fine and another day it's impossible to play scratch

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