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Post  ghost on Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:24 pm

It was four a clock in the bloody morning when I got woke up by my gunner Brian, rise and fucking shine he says, hands of cocks on with socks lets go to the sea side he said leaving the tent. After 10 mins of scrabbling around for my kit I eventually arrive at the tank or the oven as I classed it. Attention shouts Brian he,s a Cpl, Officer on parade. There then appears our new tank commander, straight of the boat as far as he is concered he knows the lot. Right he says we are of on a recce this morninig. Recce he is just of the fucking boat could,nt even find his way to the officers mess with out a map. Basic recce, check the wire make sure Rommel has not sneaked in the Africa corp during the night or the odd camel has,nt been shot at by the 5 mile snipers or to you and me arty. Well there we are traviling along the wire stop every know and then move on, trouble is i think i caught something from some bint down the villige and i am dying for a pee, so to stop any disscussions with our Cmdr i have a quick one in the drivers seat, what a fucking smell, well that did, it whats the smell the Officer says oh just the bearings getting a bit hot i say over the radio I think we better stop and let then cool I hope he agrees as Brian has threatened to stuff me up the barrel if i do it again. I will go check i says to the officer, so i go and have another piss haveway through there is a almighty bang, I hit the deck look around to see the turret and the top half of Brian flying of the tank, there is nothing left of any one else everything is fucked. So just as i am getting my self together a voice says for you the war is over

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