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Ghost Stories

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Ghost Stories

Post  ghost on Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:13 pm

Our mission was to scout out the Allied front lines, we had set of just before dark and had gone as far as we could untill it got to dangerous to move. We stopped in a wadi just short
of the front line and had rested, the rest of the night. As dawn came up the commander tapped me on the shoulder and whispered follow me. We moved to the crest of the wadi he then pointed towards the frontline there cresting a small hill was a Crusader tank. The tank moved on skylighted by the dawn light untill it stopped, must be new guys my commander said wont last long if they keep doing that I said. What do you think the range to be he asked, I looked through my binos and said about 800mtrs, stay here and whatch he said if that tank moves tell me with that he went back to our tank. The commander had position our tank in shuch a way as all you could see was the turret sticking out of the wadi. I looked back at the enemy tank as someone got out. Got to take a piss sir this voice echoed across the desert do it in the bloody tank the Cmdr said done that already sir and Sid the gunner said if i did it again he would shove me up the gun. Well hurry the fuck up said the Cmdr there could be Jerrys around here he said. Not round here sir. With that comment there was a very loud bang, I ducked think we had been seen, I then looked at the enemy tank our shell had hit the tank just below the turret, blowing the turret completly off all that was sticking out of the tank was i presumed the gunners torso, then the ammo cooked off. The crew where all dead except one the driver I found him at the bottom of the wadi coverd in sand Hands up I said for you the war is over

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Re: Ghost Stories

Post  NSU on Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:25 pm

cool story Very Happy

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