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Post  ghost on Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:10 am

Hi guys if you are wondering what we are doing with TvT well here is what is happining. After much banging of heads agains keyboards and grinding of teeth we think we are winning.
Last night 4 of us played for a good 2to3 hours with no crashes, we had time outs that is part of the game, so a result there. The games where played using Game Ranger
What we did find was that players with a different mod state to ours crashes the game. So you have to insure that everybody that plays TvT in your game has the same mod state
i.e every file in your game has to be exactly the same as the host game. While we are wailting for Panzer Unity to devolpe to a stage where I can request a testing Team. We are going to carry on with TvT. So quite soon I will ask for a small, at first testing team and as thing progress to a bigger one. The first testing team will be a European one. To see if we get a stable game starting with a 4 players and then the max amount of players. Once this is a stable platform we will branch to the US and Canada. This is not to say the guys over the water cant play so I will suggest that once the Euro one is working fine. You guys set up a stable version and test that and write up you test results. Be advised there are no servers for this game so someone has to hoist it unless some one has a spare comp to use as the hoist. PM me or put your comments on the forum.
After we have a stable platform to play with on both sides of the pond then we can see if we can play this game world wide, but as mentioned there are no servers, unless there is some rich guy out there who wants to get one. Ah well one can dream sunny

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