WXP registry keys for T-34 vs Tiger

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WXP registry keys for T-34 vs Tiger

Post  Falco250 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:16 am

I found out when I uninstalled T-34 vs Tiger, that the registry keys for the game don't get erased. So if they are corrupted, they will still aflict the re-install; I kept getting the same error even after the fresh install.

You need to delete Windows XP Registry keys: HKEY_Current_User/ Software/ G5 Software, and HKEY_Current_User/ Software/ Microsoft/ Windows/ Current Version/ Explorer/ MenuOrder/ Start Menu2/ Programs/ Lighthouse Interactive.

Then do the fresh install.

Don't start the game if you want to apply patchTvsT_1 mod; install the patch before starting the freshly installed game. I had noticed that the registry keys only appeared after the first start of the game.

To be safe you can do a search on G5 or Lighthouse keys using "Edit-->Find...", and you can save any key prior to editing or deletion by selecting it and using "File-->Export...".

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